Top 10 Butterfly Gifts



Papillon, Motyl, Skoenlapper or Mariposa.  Whatever language you use. even the word Butterfly is beautiful.  A sign that Summer is here to stay and warm days and evenings in the garden are upon us.  I have gathered a few of my favourite Butterfly gifts for you here. 

Please note: If you click through the links on this post WolfMakes may receive a small commission from Amazon or Etsy.  This doesn’t change the price you pay but it does help to support this website and my yarn addiction.  Thank you for your support.

For Outside

If you don’t have enough Butterflies in your garden or even your window box, bring a little colour to your outside space with these little beauties.

Butterflies on sticks
Or how about getting to know the REAL butterflies in your area…


I just love to sit in the garden in the evening, and these will be perfect to let me see my G&T.


In the Home

I can’t get enough of these vinyl stickers.  I want them in every room.  wall

You too can Butter(fly) up your life, and they are super easy to change out if you ever need to.  But who would ever get tired of these!!!

Gifts for me Her

halter dress

OK, I’m dropping some serious hints for this one (Mr Wolf!) How can you resist a net petticoat!  This is a super flattering style, team it with a cute clutch and some killer heels and you are set for they (garden) party.

There is a great range of fabrics for this dress too not just these stunning butterflies.


This is either totally creepy in a horror film that I don’t want to think about, or the cutest thing EVER.  I’m going with cute.  Fix these lovely silk butterflies to your hair or clothes for that summer feeling all year long.  Go on I dare you to wear them in January!


Bum Bag / Fanny pack, Butterflies, Nuff said!


If you don’t want a pair of butterfly wings then there is something wrong with you, seriously.  You can have a subtle shawl style pair if you must, but EVERYONE should have a pair of wings in their closet.  You never know when you might need to fly!





Butterfly Cards and Prints

I love gift cards.  I even make my own,  Here are some beautiful Butterfly cards, just in case you don’t want to cover your whole world in Butterflies.



OK, that was more than 10, but I love butterflies too much.

I hope you have enjoyed my personally curated gift guide.  If you would like notifications of new gift guides, news about my own product launches and special offers please sign up for my Newsletter.

Which is your favourite?  Comment below…




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